I could be making poses but I wanted to be pretty today instead.  So I’m gonna keep on pretending I’m a blogger for a little while.  Really because I never wanna take off these pants. I have been wearing boy pants for like 2 years and then ColdLogic released these pants and now I feel complete, because, well, they are amazing.  Mesh girl pants that don’t sacrifice my butt.  Pants are great.  Bitches love pants.

I’ve also been hanging onto this bag from Aura for a couple weeks, so I’m glad I finally got fully dressed properly to use it and show it off.  I didn’t care much for bags prior to mesh, but now they are so much more fun since they don’t move around and penetrate me every time I move.  Actually, I just wanted a reason to use the word “penetrate” in a blog post.

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A little rusty….

So I’m like the laziest blogger ever… I haven’t blogged here in like 10 months.  Of course I’ve been busy with other things… catering to Ginger Fury of course, making poses, planning a festival… but the Festival of Sin had so much dang good stuff how could I pass up doing a blog post of some of it??  So here we go… let’s pretend I’m a regular blogger for a little while…

I could ramble on about how much I love this stuff, but obviously I love it or else I wouldn’t be blogging it, now would I?  But I wanted to point out that in a rare moment of humility, I’m using some poses that AREN’T MINE! *GASP*  But Dove Swanson from Long Awkward Pose and Adorkable Peapod from aDORKable Poses are two of my favorite people and posers I really admire.  They’ve been wonderful friends and supportive colleagues and how could I not pay a little homage to two of the posers I admire the most when they did me the honor of making such great things for my festival?  So here we go then… awesome things all around.  Go buy them all.  Yes… all of it.  Do it.  You know you want to.

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Gangster Stone Twinkles

Oh hey! It’s that time again… my exploration of the grid thanks to my friends on plurk… with a focus on the fashion, of course. My first word this week was gangster, given to me by Miss Erica Harcourt.  I thought I would find something fairly hilarious when searching this word, and I was right.  The first place listed landed me at some roleplay gangsta sim, with a shopping center.  The best part of the shopping center was this gawd awful store named…. LOUIS VUITTON. That’s right folks.  LOUIS VUITTON HAS COME TO SL!  Ok, not really.  Just some more copyright infringement.  *rolls eyes*  So, I refused to take pics on a sim with this store, and I went forth to find… well… this…

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Raspberry, Trolley, Mystery

Yay it’s time for random word posts again!  I have so much new stuff I think my outfit combinations are like… endless.  Most of you probably know Atomic is having a big ol’ sale, so I’ve got lots of classic pieces from there in these posts, cuz I went a little crazy.  And the NEW stuff from Elymode and JANE makes me all giddy… and of course some recent stuff from Elikatira… yeah, that all makes me happy.

So first word of the week is raspberry, which I got from Skittles who, for once, actually gave me a word that wasn’t pornographic and completely inappropriate.  Although, go figure, I ended up at a store that sells sexy cow outfits.  Yes.  Sexy cows.  Dress up like a cow.  Be sexy.  Udders and all.  Fortunately, this obviously sexy store was located on a sim with a little bit of pretty scenery.  So I’ve spared you having to gaze upon the super erotic cow boobs, but see the barn behind me?  They’re totally in there.

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Parking In FIR

Ok, I do realize that if you translate the title of this post,  I just said “Parking in Guys”.  Which, I suppose might appeal to some.  ANYWAY… I found today’s shoot location by searching the word muffin, given to me by Miss Erica Harcourt.  I found this little coffee shop that didn’t have a HUGE amount of great photo ops, but I knew there would be a few who would appreciate a “Parking In Rear” sign. Parking In Rear… Parking In FIR… GET IT??? I’M WEARING THINGS FROM FIR?? I’m so punny.  Go ahead… you can groan.

Sometimes, I like wearing boy clothes and doing things with items primarily geared towards them.  Men’s items can totally be feminine and sexy as hell.  UM, HELLO NAUGHTY SECRETARY LOOK.  That’s right boys, we just don’t have enough shit to buy, so we have to infringe upon your stuff too. Because we are awesome.

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Crazy, Marmalade, Ketchup

So… yesterday I asked plurk for some words to send me on a search for photo ops to blog from.  Rob Moonites gave me crazy. Oh, wait… Rob? Yeah… you read that right.  Carry on wit yo bznz. So anyway, I honestly have no idea why I picked this freaking word.  I should have known better really. I should have known it would have been something just awful.  And sure enough, I have on this ADORABLE outfit, that I’m totally in love with.  I feel all clean and shiny and springtime… AND I LAND IN SOME TACKY CASINO. Suck it, Moonites.  Fortunately, the cuteness of my outfit defies all the… flashylightyness of this place.

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Mango, Topiary, Magic

Ok, I am having sooooo much fun with this random word blogging thing.  Yesterday, I asked plurk to give me a word… any word.  I got a lot of responses, but the first one I just HAD to pick was from Miss Strawberry Singh… who gave me… mango. I did a places search for mango and found this mangofruity… marina… thingy place.  It wasn’t that cool.  But there was a giant chess set.  Imma be the Queen.

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Exposeur @ Pose Fair!

Lots of couples poses from Exposeur at Pose Fair 2011, as well as some new items for my new brand extension, INDECENT EXPOSEUR!   I figured with all the sexy poses I’ve been doing lately, it might be a good idea to do a little bit of a brand split… hope you like the new name!  And then some really fun ones that are a collaboration between me and Miss Dove Swanson from Long Awkward Pose!  Hope you like ’em all and see you at the fair!



Hot Dog, Jellybean, Banana

So I kinda loved what I did with my last post (what? I can like my own posts!) with the whole searching places with random words and using them as my background.  This time I had 3 outfits, so I had plurk give me 3 words.  Erica gave me hot dog.  I figured this would have to be interesting.  First result was this urban city supply store and it was all dark and scary!  And here I was dressed all cute and innocent looking… I got a little scared.  See my face? That’s a scared face.

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Look It’s A Peacock.

So I put this outfit together from a bunch of the new stuff from JANE, and I was about to go make poses… which would require me to take the outfit off.  But it made me sad to do this.  So I figured I should blog it first.  I also had zero interest in putting together some cutesy set… nor did I wanna take a picture against a textured wall.  What to do… what to do.  I decided to ask Plurk to give me a word… any word.  After ignoring Skittles’ oh-so-mature response of “ass”, I moved onto Autumn who gave me “twill”.  I looked up “twill” in search… got one result. Tp’d to some “furniture store” that has exactly one set of unshaded and unshadowed living room furniture… but was happy to also find this peacock.  He moves a lot… it was a bitch to get this shot.  Anyway.  I like my outfit.  That is all.

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