Ramble Ramble

Phew!  I can finally take a little bit of time and do some blogging now.  I’ve been focused completely on Pose Fair making about 100,000,000,000 things so I needed a bit of a blogging hiatus, but now I get to put together outfits of all the cute stuff I acquired during my little “break”.  I don’t have any cohesive theme here, I just put together some looks I liked with pieces from my favorite stores.

I’m SUPER happy that JANE and coldLogic have released so many tanks that are somewhat form fitting.  I adore mesh and try to wear it all the time, but I’m not big on oversized shirts and such.  So the last couple of releases made me really, really happy.  Especially with summer sneaking up on me.  I know my little avatar can’t feel the sweltering heat of an Arizona summer like I can, but I’d feel stifled if I had to put her into anything that would make her sweat!  Ok, granted, she’s still wearing pants… but even I still wear pants here in the desert, so it’s ok.

In the first pic I’ve got on some pants from Aura.  Gurrrrrrrrrls…. I know you can’t see it in this pic, but these things go nice and low in the front, so you wanna make sure your hoo-ha is nice and trimmed.  No worry for me since I’m not a fan of the uh… natural look, so these are perfect and SUPER sexy.  I love the tweed texture, it adds a bit of earthiness to them that keeps that low cut front from making the whole pant be something to make you blush.

More looks and credits below the cut

I love the elymode partial mesh mini skirts.  She was actually the first to do these, once again showing her creativity and innovation, and I love the concept.  I think it makes for a much truer tight miniskirt to have a mesh flap (that might be one of the grossest words ever but hey, it is what it is) rather than a full mesh skirt that pulls away from your shape a bit.  She’s got a bunch of different styles made for various outfit sets, but as much as Ely loves her some teeny little skirts, the prude in me said I NEED PANTS.  Which is weird… no problem nearly showing off my goodies from the top, but there’s something extra… uh… freeing… about having so much access from between my legs.  I KNOW I KNOW, I’M AN AVATAR.  I’ll be honest… I actually have no idea how to style anything without piling on layers.  Really, I just fail at it.  This was the only way I would possibly do it justice.  But it’s super cute and I love the way it moves.  Add on some super tight jeans from FIR & MNA underneath and a slightly fluffy tank from JANE, and I’m set.

This one right hurr, is my favorite.  I’ve been wearing these partial mesh capris from elymode since they came out.  I LOVE capris… I LOVE mesh… and well… I love Ely.  So it really works out great.  The pants are actually high-waisted, which is a style I adore, and I wanted so badly to show them with the waist showing and a shirt tucked in, but when I tried on this shirt from JANE just to see what I had in my mess of an inventory, I let out a girlish little squee.  That’s right… there’s some squee inside of me.  LITTLE CHERRIES??? ARE YOU KIDDING?? I MUST WEAR THIS ALL THE TIME!  I totally forgot I had these shoes from Deco until I went on a mesh shoe hunt (which btw there just aren’t enough mesh shoes out there), and they went so great with the outfit it was like destiny for me to wear it.  I still haven’t taken it off and I took this pic like 3 days ago.  THAT’S RIGHT, I DON’T CHANGE MY CLOTHES, OK?

Ok, that’s all.  I know none of you are actually reading my ramblings, but it’s fun to write it anyway.  I’ll just go back to my hole now until next time!  ❤

Picture 1:

On Me:

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Lola Mesh Hair – Flaming Cherry
Skin – The Body Co – Petal – Fair
Tattoo – Aitui – Mrs. Midnight
Shirt – coldLogic top – Weiss – Lemon (Mesh)
Pants – Aura – Class Act Pants (Mesh) – Tweed – Moss
Shoes – Nardcotix MANA – Era Gator Peep Toe – Aqua

On Boy:

Jeans – Connors – Buckle Back Jeans – Blue
Hair – 99Elephants – Krima – Brown
Shirt – Entente – Classic Tee – Homme White
Boots – Gos – Triumph Boots – Worn (Mesh)
Skin – Redgrave – Edward – Tan
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo – Dead Circus

Pose – Exposeur – Lucky Ones (Pose Fair Exclusive)

Picture 2:

Hair – Truth – Barbara – Blood (Mesh)
Skin – The Body Co. – Petal – Fair
Top – JANE – Keen Tank – Quarry (Mesh)
Bracelet – Miel – Chum Bracelet
Skirt – elymode – Facil Skirt – Plum (Partial Mesh)
Jeans – FIR & MNA – The 1977 Jeans – Dark Wash
Boots – Maitreya Mesh – Devi Booties – Plum

Pose – Exposeur Blissful Pack 5 – Blissful 22 (Pose Fair Exclusive)

Picture 3:

Hair – elikatira – Caramel – Red 10
Skin – The Body Co – Petal – Fair
Glasses – FIR & MNA – The Barclay Glasses – Charcoal
Top – JANE – Cherry Bomb – Red/White (Mesh)
Bracelet – FIR & MNA – Anchor Bracelet – Navy
Pants – elymode – Jolee Capris – Red (partial mesh)
Shoes – Deco – Donna Shoes – Red/White (Mesh)

Pose – Exposeur Blissful Pack 5 – Blissful 20 (Pose Fair Exclusive)


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