I could be making poses but I wanted to be pretty today instead.  So I’m gonna keep on pretending I’m a blogger for a little while.  Really because I never wanna take off these pants. I have been wearing boy pants for like 2 years and then ColdLogic released these pants and now I feel complete, because, well, they are amazing.  Mesh girl pants that don’t sacrifice my butt.  Pants are great.  Bitches love pants.

I’ve also been hanging onto this bag from Aura for a couple weeks, so I’m glad I finally got fully dressed properly to use it and show it off.  I didn’t care much for bags prior to mesh, but now they are so much more fun since they don’t move around and penetrate me every time I move.  Actually, I just wanted a reason to use the word “penetrate” in a blog post.

I really love hats so anytime there is a hat/hair combo I get sort of excited.  I like this one because I feel fancy.  Bitches love fancy. At least this bitch does.  Ok that’s enough talking, you’re probably not even reading this anyway!

Skin – :: Exodi :: VIP Gift – Sophie “Goddess” – Vivante
Hair – Vanity Hair – Sooner or Later – Fiery Red (Festival of Sin)
Top – coldLogic top – wright.champagne (XS)
Pants – coldLogic trouser – dailey.truffle (XS – cuff1)
Bag – [Aura] Spirited – Bogo Bag (Rigged Mesh) – Green 2
Shoes – NX-Nardcotix Esther Vintage Pump – Teal
Poses: Estetica
Picture 1 – Vanity: Mirror, Mirror – Hand Mirror (Pose 2)
Picture 2 – Vanity – She’s So Vain: Soignee
Picture 3 – Vanity – She’s So Vain: Coquette
Background – Pestle & Twig – Lazybum Skybox

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