A little rusty….

So I’m like the laziest blogger ever… I haven’t blogged here in like 10 months.  Of course I’ve been busy with other things… catering to Ginger Fury of course, making poses, planning a festival… but the Festival of Sin had so much dang good stuff how could I pass up doing a blog post of some of it??  So here we go… let’s pretend I’m a regular blogger for a little while…

I could ramble on about how much I love this stuff, but obviously I love it or else I wouldn’t be blogging it, now would I?  But I wanted to point out that in a rare moment of humility, I’m using some poses that AREN’T MINE! *GASP*  But Dove Swanson from Long Awkward Pose and Adorkable Peapod from aDORKable Poses are two of my favorite people and posers I really admire.  They’ve been wonderful friends and supportive colleagues and how could I not pay a little homage to two of the posers I admire the most when they did me the honor of making such great things for my festival?  So here we go then… awesome things all around.  Go buy them all.  Yes… all of it.  Do it.  You know you want to.

Pic 1:

Shoes – Ingenue :: Khan Heels :: Festival of Sin – Fury
Lingerie – NX-Nardcotix Lulu Lust Lingerie (Festival of Sin)
Hair – Tiny Bird – Summertime Sadness – Cherry Red (Festival of Sin)
Skin – {.essences.} Michelle – Rosy Pale (Festival of Sin)
Pose and Money – [LAP] – Bet Your Bottom Dollar (Festival of Sin)
Bed – [*Art Dummy!] acedia. (white bed) (Festival of Sin)

Pic 2:

Lingerie – Schadenfreude Red Sushi Gluttony Lingerie (Festival of Sin)
Bootes – [Gos] MESH Triumph Boots in Black (Festival of Sin)
Hair – MINA Hair – Moriko (Festival of Sin)
Skin – {.essences.} Elena – Rosy Pale (Festival of Sin)
Chaise – Cheeky Pea – Charlie Chaise (Festival of Sin)
Set – Pestle & Twig – Lazybum Skybox (Festival of Sin)
Pose – aDORKable Poses – Touch Me 3 (Mirror) (Festival of Sin)

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