Gangster Stone Twinkles

Oh hey! It’s that time again… my exploration of the grid thanks to my friends on plurk… with a focus on the fashion, of course. My first word this week was gangster, given to me by Miss Erica Harcourt.  I thought I would find something fairly hilarious when searching this word, and I was right.  The first place listed landed me at some roleplay gangsta sim, with a shopping center.  The best part of the shopping center was this gawd awful store named…. LOUIS VUITTON. That’s right folks.  LOUIS VUITTON HAS COME TO SL!  Ok, not really.  Just some more copyright infringement.  *rolls eyes*  So, I refused to take pics on a sim with this store, and I went forth to find… well… this…

So after escaping the land of the lycan, Dove Swanson pointed me in the direction to find a place with the word stone.  I couldn’t even believe how perfect that was.  I did my search, and the first thing that popped up, was The Blarney Stone… on the lovely sim of Dublin.  And well whaddya know… I’m wearing shoes from FIR, by Rob Moonites… who hails from… South Africa!!  No, I’m totally kidding.  He’s from Dublin.  Confused you for just a split second though, didn’t I?

Aaaaaand finally I went on a search for twinkles thanks to the adorable, sweet, and sexy, Divos Titanium.  I was expecting to find something more… you know… twinkly.  Instead I found a crypt of some sort.  Which, considering my outfit, was actually kind of suitable.

That’s all! Go buy all these things now, k?

In All Photos –

Skin – League – Sia Medium – Champagne
Eyes – Exodi – Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush
Poses – Exposeur

Gangster –

Hair – Tiny Bird – Soon Enough II – Mahogany
Tunic – DCNY – Linen Tunic – Cool Colors – Fern
Shorts – Zaara – Naha Spring Shorts – Mocha
Necklace – Mandala – LUCK Necklace – Brown
Boots – Perse – Ascot Boots – Winter Hazel
Bracelets – MIEL – Ahi Bracelet; Cue Bracelet
Handbag – YS & YS – Illetes Bag – Sandstorm

Stone –

Hair – Atomic – The Affair – Cherry
Eyeshadow – elymode – Fuschia Frost (Lucky Chair Item)
Facial Piercings – kOwP – Lovely
Necklace – Artilleri – Fancy Dice Necklace
Shirt – elymode – Lazy Day Basic Tee – Pink/Brown
Tattoo – HUZ – Butterfly Reborn
Skirt – JANE – Chase Skirt – Truffle
Leggings – JANE – Lil Piggies Tights – Cableknit – Blush
Shoes – FIR & MNA – The Ashford Brogues – Rose

Twinkling –

Helmet – Deco – Easter War Bonnet (group gift)
Hair – !lamb – Whoop Dee Doo – Sun-Dried Tomato
Glasses – FIR & MNA – Hemmingway Glasses – Darks
Necklace 1 – Mariposa – Rainbow Light**
Necklace 2 – FIR & MNA – The Tree Necklace
Shirt – NSD – Fuel For Life – Black
Pants – Atomic – I ❤ Plaid – Red
Boots – COCO – Work Boots – Japan Relief Donation Item
Bag – Atomic – Canvas Art Tote – White
Bracelets – Mariposa – Animosity – Silver; Augmentation Black – Pearl**

**Mariposa is closed now, but creator, Felicity Winslet, has a new project in the works, Samsara.  You can join her update group now (found in her profile) to know when she’ll be opening, and I can’t wait to see what she has planned!

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