Raspberry, Trolley, Mystery

Yay it’s time for random word posts again!  I have so much new stuff I think my outfit combinations are like… endless.  Most of you probably know Atomic is having a big ol’ sale, so I’ve got lots of classic pieces from there in these posts, cuz I went a little crazy.  And the NEW stuff from Elymode and JANE makes me all giddy… and of course some recent stuff from Elikatira… yeah, that all makes me happy.

So first word of the week is raspberry, which I got from Skittles who, for once, actually gave me a word that wasn’t pornographic and completely inappropriate.  Although, go figure, I ended up at a store that sells sexy cow outfits.  Yes.  Sexy cows.  Dress up like a cow.  Be sexy.  Udders and all.  Fortunately, this obviously sexy store was located on a sim with a little bit of pretty scenery.  So I’ve spared you having to gaze upon the super erotic cow boobs, but see the barn behind me?  They’re totally in there.

Miss Iris Ophelia tossed out the word trolley for me, and I found a fairly cute little sim.  Although, I’ve completely drawn a blank as to what the sim was for now.  But there was a well. See? Well.  And across from me, what you don’t see… is a horse.  It’s a farm animal kind of day, folks.

And lastly… Sylvia Olivier gave me mystery. I’m realizing that I tend to pick words from the same people a lot,  I swear I’m not doing it on purpose.  The same people just always have about 23423940823 words for me!  Anyway, mystery landed me at some kind of RP sim… in the shopping area.  But this big tree was in the center of it with the glowing sun rays.  Glow = ❤

Lots of grassy stuff today, which is sort of appropriate for Spring, so yay for that!  Stay tuned… tomorrow I’ve got new stuffs from Addict, Tiny Bird and FIR & MNA… wut wut!  See you then!

All Photos:

Skin – League Sia Medium – Champagne
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush
Poses – Exposeur (Excluding the Raspberry photos)


Hair – Elikatira – Alright – Red 10
Headphones & Poses – xoxo ania – Groove Pose Set & Headphones
Makeup – Elymode – Fuschia Frost (Lucky Chair Item!)
Top – Atomic – Cropped Love Tee – Cotton
Pants – Elymode – Lazy Day Pants – lilac/pink
Panties – Elymode – Lounging Panties – Purple
Shoes – SOREAL – Superstars – Pink/White


Hair – Elikatira – Paper – Red 10
Makeup – Elymode – Black Frost (Preview)
Necklace – Mandala – LUCK Necklace – Brown
Dress – JANE – Recycled Dress – Cherry
Socks – Ducknipple – Knit Socks 02
Boots – COCO – Engineer Boots – Brown


Hair – Elikatira – Lasting – Colour 10
Necklace – DECO – Vindicate Necklace
Dress – JANE – Bliss Dress – Custard/Strawberry
Leggings – Atomic – Ribbon Leggings – Pinky
Shoes – Shiny Things – Candy Clogs – Pink

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