Parking In FIR

Ok, I do realize that if you translate the title of this post,  I just said “Parking in Guys”.  Which, I suppose might appeal to some.  ANYWAY… I found today’s shoot location by searching the word muffin, given to me by Miss Erica Harcourt.  I found this little coffee shop that didn’t have a HUGE amount of great photo ops, but I knew there would be a few who would appreciate a “Parking In Rear” sign. Parking In Rear… Parking In FIR… GET IT??? I’M WEARING THINGS FROM FIR?? I’m so punny.  Go ahead… you can groan.

Sometimes, I like wearing boy clothes and doing things with items primarily geared towards them.  Men’s items can totally be feminine and sexy as hell.  UM, HELLO NAUGHTY SECRETARY LOOK.  That’s right boys, we just don’t have enough shit to buy, so we have to infringe upon your stuff too. Because we are awesome.

I’m afraid I have no further escapades for you today… just the one location with one fabulous outfit of awesomeness.  I PROMISE MORE NEXT TIME.


Skin – *League* Skin Sia Medium -Champagne
Hair – Elikatira – Theory – REd 10
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush Lashes
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Glasses – *FIR &MNA* – The Hemmingway Glasses
Top – *FIR &MNA* – Relaxed Vest – White
Skirt – JANE – Chase Skirt – Truffle
Boots – SLink – Whitney Boot – Tan
Poses – Exposeur
Necklace a *FIR &MNA* WIP

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