Mango, Topiary, Magic

Ok, I am having sooooo much fun with this random word blogging thing.  Yesterday, I asked plurk to give me a word… any word.  I got a lot of responses, but the first one I just HAD to pick was from Miss Strawberry Singh… who gave me… mango. I did a places search for mango and found this mangofruity… marina… thingy place.  It wasn’t that cool.  But there was a giant chess set.  Imma be the Queen.

Then the clever Iris Ophelia tossed out topiary for me.  I found this truly hideous shopping plaza, actually, and I was expecting a complete tragedy from this location.  But amidst the randomness there was this little spot with cuteness.  I swear the SL Gods are finally doing nice things for me by providing perfect photo ops.  They’re making up for all the embarrassing moments from 2007 when I found my shoes, hair and jewelry conveniently lodged up my ass.

And finally, Aubrey Upshaw gave me magic. You know, I was so hoping for something… well… magical.  But instead I landed in a tacky mall with a bunch of even tackier people at something that was attempting to be a club.  BUT… THERE WAS A PIRATE SHIP!  I realize now I could have taken a better opportunity to show the pirate ship, but fuck it, this is about showing my clothes, isn’t it?  SO LOOK AT THE PRETTY ROMPER!  I find myself backed against where I imagine a plank might go.  I’m pretty sure the tackies below were chanting jump, jump, jump!

I bid you farewell, until my next adventure! xoxo

In All Photos:

Skin – *League* Skin Sia Medium -Champagne
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush Lashes


Hair – [e] Breathe – Red 10
Socks – JANE – lil piggies socks.sassy.yw honey
Boots – Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boots – Chocolate
Dress – JANE – lucidity.relay4life 2011 donation gift – 100% Of Proceeds to RFL
Necklace – Dark Mouse Hanging Rose Necklace – Exclusive Group Gift


Hair – [e] Play – Blonde 10
Tank – DCNY_Applique Top_Cerise/Salmon
Undershirt – JANE – layering eucalyptus
Necklace – [croire] triple portrait pendant
Shorts –[AddiCt]-NORA Jean Shorts/Dingy
Shoes – (Shiny Things) Arcada pumps – acid


Hair – >TRUTH< Daisy –  Chocolate
Socks – *elymode* RubyStar Socks
Boots – Gos – [Docs] 8 Hole – F – Meadow
Romper – Tiny Bird – Next Girl Romper – White Floral

Poses from Exposeur

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