Hot Dog, Jellybean, Banana

So I kinda loved what I did with my last post (what? I can like my own posts!) with the whole searching places with random words and using them as my background.  This time I had 3 outfits, so I had plurk give me 3 words.  Erica gave me hot dog.  I figured this would have to be interesting.  First result was this urban city supply store and it was all dark and scary!  And here I was dressed all cute and innocent looking… I got a little scared.  See my face? That’s a scared face.

So then I changed my outfit before searching a new location, and Hethr gave me jellybean and I was magically whisked away to a children’s furniture store called… well… Jellybean.  AND THERE WERE GLOWING PINK TREES AND A WHITE PICKET FENCE!!! We so excited!  See the smile? That’s an excited smile.

Change outfit again… and lastly Alvie gave me banana.  You know… it was only a matter of time before I ended  up somewhere tragic.  I never thought banana would be the word to bring me here.  I apparently got very lucky with my first two locations because come on, how great were they for photos??  But this one… sighs… let’s just say the latexbootykitty in the background really says it all.  I also have no idea what this place has to do with bananas.  Other than the scary random gorilla on a poster in the background.  Wtf?

And so concludes the end of my journey of cute clothes and random sims.


Skin In All Pics – *League* Skin Sia Medium -Champagne

Hand Tat in All Pics – x LiQSuM x “Spring” Tattoo


DRESS – JANE – hollie dress.salmon [full]
HAIR – elikatira – Want – Firey Reds
BAG – -[AddiCt]- Day Tripper Bag – Barbie
SHRUG – Tiny Bird – Sausalito Shrug – White
LEGGINGS – The Secret Store – Blue Wool tights
SHOES – (Shiny Things) Candy Clogs – blue


TOP – JANE – babushka dolls.concord
HAIR – elikatira – Follow – Firey Reds
SHORTS – [Decoy] Stevens Shorts – White
SOCKS – JANE – lil piggies socks.sassy.yw golden
BOOTS – Gos – [Docs] 8 Hole – F – WHITE


HAIR – !lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Bloods Pack
JEANS – [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans – Vintage
SHOES – (Shiny Things) Arcada pumps – rose
TOP – -[AddiCt]-BoHo Summer Tube Top Ice Cream
NECKLACE – Dark Mouse Sweet Hethr Necklace – Silver

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