Look It’s A Peacock.

So I put this outfit together from a bunch of the new stuff from JANE, and I was about to go make poses… which would require me to take the outfit off.  But it made me sad to do this.  So I figured I should blog it first.  I also had zero interest in putting together some cutesy set… nor did I wanna take a picture against a textured wall.  What to do… what to do.  I decided to ask Plurk to give me a word… any word.  After ignoring Skittles’ oh-so-mature response of “ass”, I moved onto Autumn who gave me “twill”.  I looked up “twill” in search… got one result. Tp’d to some “furniture store” that has exactly one set of unshaded and unshadowed living room furniture… but was happy to also find this peacock.  He moves a lot… it was a bitch to get this shot.  Anyway.  I like my outfit.  That is all.


Hair – Elikatira – Alright

Skin – League – Sia

Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush

Eyes – Exodi – Au Natural

Boots – Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boots

Everything Else – JANE – Floret Tie – Sheer Long Sleeve Layer Shirt – Chloe Denim Mini – Victoria Crochet Vest

Pose – Exposeur

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