Just a Quickie

Oh hello… been awhile since I did an “on location” post, so I wanted to do just a teeny one today because I really like this little outfit I put together and have been wearing for like 3 days.  I’ve got a new RL job playing servant to a nearly 5 month old child, so my attendance to live shows has dropped.  But on my day off, I couldn’t resist coming to see JordanReyne Deezul, one of my favorites.  And I was being all fangurly while there because not only am I in the presence of Jordan‘s greatness, but TwinGhost Ronas was in the audience… who is just… the most amazing musician.  I don’t generally have trouble talking to people or hitting them up for a chat if I think they are interesting… but I couldn’t even bring myself to attempt it with this dude.   FANGURL FLUSTERY!

Anyway, back to fashion… I’m a sucker for a romper and fuck me boots… of course wearing them together sort of negates the ease of which one might actually achieve the fucking while wearing the boots… but whatever, it’s still hot.  Pairing them up with a see-through, lacy bodysuit… makes me feel like such a shameless hussy.  And yet, even with all these sexified pieces, I think I manage to not LOOK like a shameless hussy.  Maybe more like a slightly modest but curious hussy.

Ok, back to fangurling.


Hair – elikatira – About – Red 10

Skin – Glam Affair – Nina 111 Exclus

Eyes – Exodi – Au Natural – Grey

Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush

Romper – JANE – Francie Bottoms – Shorts

Bodysuit – Addict – Neaux Bodysuit – Berry

Boots – SLink – Whitney Boots – Black

Poses – Exposeur

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