Pretty Things Are Pretty

I don’t normally do the “this is what I’m wearing, and this is why I like it” kind of posts, but I grabbed so much yum today I figured ahhhh what the hell.  That being said, I plan on making more creative use of this stuff in the future.

First, is the Exodi Sylvan skin.  I generally love all Exodi skins, some more than others, but “ew gross” has never been uttered when putting on any of them.  Sylvan is still awaiting a full release on March 11th, but creator Ryker Beck is always very generous and has put out this makeup version, in all skin tones, with all eyebrow options, with cleavage and no cleavage options, and  freckle and no freckle options… for $50L.  WUT!?  Just one of the many reasons I less than three her.

The way I test a skin’s goodness (yes goodness) is by trying it on with styles from my favorite hair creators.  I think what some people don’t really think about is that all our hair is so very different from each creator.  Different textures and colors, and it makes a HUGE difference on how our skins look.  So I always hold this test before buying a skin, because unlike most people, I rarely change my skin.  When I buy a skin, it’s going to be stuck on me for a long time, so that shit better work with all my hair.

Sylvan has a very mature look to her.  If you go for the sweet babydoll look, then this isn’t going to be what you’re looking for.  But if you want more realistic and mature features (not to be confused with elderly… she doesn’t look elderly) then this skin is lovely.   If you wanna tone down the “maturity” of the skin, Lamb hair really flatters it and gives it a softer look, but I like how all my favorites look with it.  So, hair test is passed!

Also up for $50L today is this naughty, sassy little “dress” from Tiny Bird.  Designer Autumn Hykova has been giddy all week about this dress, and I can see why.

This… is the “Morning After Dress” … hahaha… I seriously laugh every time I even say it in my head.  A dress, made from a men’s t-shirt, cinched up with his tie. I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS.  And I can see Ginger getting some very good use out of it in the near future.

And lastly, League reallllllly made me happy this week by releasing this jewelry set.  I think in the past I’ve seen a lot of people griping about her $50L items being “just socks” or something that the masses felt wasn’t enough.  I am absolutely not one to bitch and moan about what a creator charges for items, or to whine about what they choose to discount, but I would think after this week, the typical whiners should have nothing to whine about.  Although, let’s face it… some douche is bound to complain about something still, I’m sure.

Also, I really wanted to show off my Exodi nipple.  Best nipples anywhere.  Ever.

Skin – Exodi Sylvan Vivante – Light Brows ($50L today only)
Hair – Top Post (Left to Right; Top to Bottom)
Elikatira – Novel Red 10
Dernier Cri – Taylor
!lamb – Cinnamon – Sun-Dried Tomato
Maitreya – Sasha – Red
Truth – Kase 2 – Blood
Lip Piercing – Kowp – Glamour
Dress – Tiny Bird – Morning After Dress – Red ($50L today only)
Jewelry – League – Wanderer Jewelry Set ($50L today only)
Hair (last pic) – – Neva2 – Dramatic Red

Poses by Exposeur

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