Losers and Stud Muffins and Cows, Oh My!

I got stood up last night!  Imogen was supposed to log in to go listen to some music with me and I think she went and fell asleep on me instead.  *glares* So instead I got stuck with this loser, Dale Katscher.  Ahhh such a rare treat I get to spend any time with Dale beyond the harassing IMs I send him while he’s performing in SL.  So, even though he’s a HUGE loser, I maybe kind of enjoyed spending some time with him. Maybe.

I’m kind of a sucker for leggings and socks.  Obsessed, actually.  But I’m also pretty picky, so as much as I love wearing both, I don’t buy them often, I just wear the same few over and over.  And, I have this love for the combination of orange and green and brown.  Some people might think it’s ugly, I think orange and brown are supposed to be the least liked colors by people when ranking favorites, but I DON’T CARE! I like it… love it, in fact.  I feel like… a couch from the 70’s.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Can someone tell this bastard he’s too fucking tall?  Seriously, everyone log in, IM Dale Katscher and say HEY, you’re TOO TALL.  And yell at him for calling me a child avatar.

Right, so anyway, onto the music.  We went originally to go see Stratus Mactavish at The Roof @ NYC, who we’d heard good things about and hadn’t ever had the chance to hear.  He put on a good show, nice vocals and guitar.  I am a sucker for the younger musicians who play more “current” music (whether covers or originals), so I was not disappointed by our choice to see him.  Besides, I can never resist a bona fide “Stud Muffin”.

AND I was really happy that right after Stratus was one of mine and Dale’s long time favorites, Maximillion Kleene.  He’s been a huge presence in SL live music for years now, because frankly, he’s fantastic.  Aside from his obvious skill and talent, his personality is the most endearing one I think I’ve encountered in SL.  I dare you to see Max Kleene perform and NOT smile during the set.  I’ve come to learn that a huge part of a musician’s SL success is all about their heart and personality.  There’s no alcohol and there’s no sexy stranger rubbing up against you in a crowd like a RL show, so the artist really needs to bring it.  And Max never fails. I mean, come on… anyone who has a “tipping cow” that falls over when you pay it… HAS to have a great personality.

Wow, I write too much.  Do any of you actually READ all of this crap?


Hair – Elikatira –  Frost – All
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush Lashes
Makeup – Tuli – Rosy nose 1
Skin –Glam Affair – Nina 03 one eleven
Necklace – DECO – Memories Necklace
Bracelets – MIEL Elo Bracelets
Dress –Addict-ZIOMARA Sweater dress – Brown
Forearm Tat – AITUI TATTOO – How it Happens
Socks – JANE – lil piggies socks.sassy.gr eucalyptus
Shoes – { Kari } – Kicks
Leggings – The Secret Store – Wool tights
Poses – Exposeur

I have no idea what Dale is wearing.  Sorry boys :p

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