So a Dragon and a Kitty Walk Into a Bar…

So, I found this cute little store the other day.  It might not be something we see on the SL runways anytime soon, but it certainly quenches my thirst for something cute and fun.  In fact, it was SO cute and fun I had to send a gift to some of my favorite people because I wanted to share the cute.  And the fun.  This will be the first in a series of posts… It’s jammie time people!  Awwwww yeahhhhhh…

Tell me those aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen!!!  When I sent these to Bronson, I wasn’t sure he’d actually wear them, but he proved he does have a sense of humor and we discovered that dragons and kitties totally get along… and like to hang out on rainbows.  We also discovered that dragons don’t just breathe fire…

Of course, he might be a speshul dragon…


Intrigue Co. – White Cat Pajamas

Intrigue Co. – Dragon PJs

Ruby’s Hair – Elikatira – Rush

Pose and Rainbow from Exposeur (Sold Separately)

Firey Fart not included with jammies. :p

Special Thanks to Bronson Twine, the (ir)regular guy, for the laughs, being a good sport, and being the cutest dragon evar.

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