Just Chillin’

The most frustrating thing in the world is looking at your 34,000 item inventory and shouting in your own head, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!”  It’s maddening really.  I also realized I have turned into some kind of high-maintenance diva who doesn’t want to wear anything twice.  *facepalms*  But I pulled out of diva-ness, and fished out some of my favorite items, that I wear often, and I don’t care who knows it.  I WEAR CLOTHES MORE THAN ONCE! There, I said it.  Worst fashionista in the WORLD.  I did however cave and go buy some new tats.  AND, I even put on a different skin than usual.  How about that?

I actually really, really love how Exodi’s Isolde looks on me.  This probably makes me vain.  I’ve made my peace with this.

So where was I?  Spending my time again at Chill’s Deep South, for the OFFICIAL Grand Opening of this new venue, owned by musician, Guitar Zane.  The opening was a success, lots of people, great music from GZ (of course) as well as another one of my favorites, Senjata Witt (imagine Reba McIntyre and Ani DiFranco having a love child… she’s amazing) as well as Tukso Okey and Rara Destiny.

As for all you fashion people who are always complaining how BORED you are and how there’s NOTHING to do and you NEVER meet new people… pffft… I don’t wanna hear it.  I’ve met so many new people the last couple of weeks, and have had so much fun.

I’ll close out with a few pics from the show; Guitar Zane himself (in non-lego form).  Much preferable to his plastic alter ego, yeah?  Though, I do miss the scowl.

And um…. this guy.  The fashion icon to beat all fashion icons.  Only in SL……..


Skin – :: Exodi :: Isolde “Spring” – Vivante (Group Gift in the Exodi VIP group now!)
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush
Eyeliner – Tuli – Eyeliner 2
Cigarette – Action Cigs Set – Grunge & Clean
Facial Piercing – [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Inspiration*=*
Hair – Brooklyn Salon – Sasha
Chest Tattoo – AITUI TATTOO – Aviation
Skirt – League Thermal Skirt – Black
Top – Ducknipple – Slager – Retro
Socks – Jane – lil piggies socks – sassy – honey
Boots – Miel – Far Boots – Plaid
Poses – Exposeur

3 thoughts on “Just Chillin’

  1. I totally feel you on the “i have nothing to wear” with a huge inventory mentality. What to do? Spend 2 hours searching through unopened hunt gifts and stores that no longer exist to find (hopefully) a cute pair of tights that’s usable? I definitely have my favorite stores and search their items and wear them *gasp* occasionally. I had to bookmark and comment on your blog though because you affectionately mention ani difranco and she was existential to my life for a time and has made some amazing music. 🙂

    • Ani has been HUGELY instrumental in my life… that woman has seen me through every heartache (romantic and otherwise) and has been a huge influence on developing my own vocal style.

      Glad to meet another fan! ❤

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