Big Pimpin’

Ok, so I went for ultra adorable today, because I keep finding these sweet, girly things I like.  I really have no idea what’s happening to me.  At this rate I’ll be one of those “nice girls” by the time summer rolls around. D:

So, naturally, I couldn’t go a day without some live music. Today I’ve got my good friend, Imogen Miklos kicking it with me at Solace Beach, looking adorable and stylish as always.  This girl has the most unique and creative style, she always looks amazing in the most unexpected ways.

And I even changed my skin… again… my whole world feels so imbalanced.  Although, I did wear this LAQ skin for a very long time before my current regular one, so I feel a bit at home in this one.

Dale Katscher is our entertainment for the evening, who I always, always love seeing.  Ok, I might be a little biased since I was his pimp for like 2 years… a far more amusing term than “booking manager”.  BUT, based on the number of other people who like him, I think it’s fair to say my bias isn’t TOO far off.

I don’t manage him anymore (though I do miss it sometimes) but he’s still my favorite performer and one of my favorite people in SL who I love lots and lots (shhhhhhh don’t tell him), so anytime I get to see Dale… I’m a happy girl.


Ok… I’m a happy girl until I see tragedies like this…

In the spirit of ridding SL of fashion nightmares…. ladies… these shoes are never ok.  If you own them, destroy them immediately.  It burns my eyes. Oh gawd how it burns……..



On Ruby:

Skin – LAQ ~ Julie [Milky] Glow skin
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Lashes – Perse – Wild Brush
Hair – Elikatira – Past – Red 10
Neck Tattoo – AITUI TATTOO – Notes II
Dress – Tiny Bird – Skinny Love – Raspberry
Leggings – Croire – Sheer Pattern Leggings (9)
Shoes – Shiny Things – Candy Clogs – Olive
Ruby’s Pose – Exposeur

On Imogen:

Hair – Maitreya Apple – Chocolate
Glasses – guerrilla brown glasses
Scarf – Saikin Neck Warmer
Sweater – KUROTSUBAKI – Flower Cardigan
Belt – Maitreya Leather Belt
Skin:Dutch Touch:Jolie Olive
Shirt: Pixel Dolls: Anticipation – Sweater Top
Undertop: Attitudes – Fall Freebies Black Lace Caraco
Jeans: Zaara – 2 Jeans – Charcoal
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci – Dalia Pumps

2 thoughts on “Big Pimpin’

  1. Okay the shoe comment really made me laugh – hysterically. When I was a noob, I used to walk around in those shoes but at least I fit them to my feet. I have since gone through my inventory and destroyed all items that burn eyeballs out of heads. My significant other likes to remind of when I first came to SL and I liked my noob skin and didn’t want to change it. I sort of remember him telling me in a nice way that he didnt want to walk around with me… LOL I have given up helping people with messed up shoes and other things because most of the time they think it looks okay. Ignorance is bliss!

    • LOL… it honestly baffles me endlessly how people don’t look at the others around them and realize how outdated their stuff is. I knew on my first day that there was something wrong with me and I’ve made it my mission ever since to stay on top of looking good!!

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