*Insert Clever Post Title Here*

If the SL live music scene were the little girl pageant circuit, TwinGhost Ronas would be wearing the biggest, prettiest crown there is.  Complete with bling… yeahhhhh!  And probably a LOT of blue eyeshadow.  Actually, I would really enjoy seeing Twin in a glamorous, diamond tiara… *makes a note to send him one*  I feel like I may have lost my point of this post already.

Right, ANYWAY, today I spent some time at Gwampa’s Dance Kamp to see TwinGhost, because he’s UH-MAZE-ING.  I love this man’s music so much, that even if I’m busy working and can’t leave my sky platform to see his show, I stream it remotely because I don’t wanna miss it.  That’s love right there, yo.  Don’t worry, I tip him remotely too :p

Anyway, as per my usual post, I also wanted to show off my look of the day, which includes this really sweet new top from elymode, with AMPLE CLEAVAGE.  She’s releasing this top in a few days, so don’t go running to buy it yet.  Just make sure you stop by this weekend!

Joining me in the post today is TwinGhost’s manager, Staciface Schwarz, who I’ve known for awhile now and who I love because A) Her name is Staciface.  and B) She has a club called Asshandles.  ASSHANDLES. Is that not the best name for a place EVER?  Also, I love her little music tights.  They make me happy.

And to close out, here’s a pic of TwinGhost himself… I think he’s dreamy.  Yeah, that’s right, I said dreamy. But just wait till you hear him sing… *swoons* … are you picturing him with a tiara, too?


On Ruby:

Makeup – Tuli – Nemesis
Skin – –Glam Affair – Nina 03 one eleven
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes – Grey
Necklace – DECO – Memories Necklace
Jeans – [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans – Vintage
Cigarette – Action Cigs Set – Grunge & Clean
Chest Tattoo – LaMalvadaMujer – La Flor
Hair – !lamb. Mess – Sun-Dried Tomato
Top – *elymode* Shameless Top and Half-Tank
Boots – Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boots – Chocolate

On Staci:

Dress – Salire
Hair  – Truth – Liv
Shoes – G-Field Platform Rosette
Tattoo – Aitui
Tights – TuttiFrutti

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