I CALL BS! (Brooklyn Salon that is…)

I know so many of you have been insanely panicked by the new merger of the teen grid with our own VERY MATURE AND GRIEFER FREE grid.  But I’ll tell you what, these teens are packing a whole lot of talent, not drama.  I spent last night on a sim devoted to teen creators, and I did find some very cute items, but what stood out the most was Brooklyn Salon by Sharifa Morenz.  That’s right ladies.  HAIR.

These two above (Faye and Floe) are definitely my favorites.  Beautiful red color, clean textures, nice primwork… and these creations from a girl who we would probably assume isn’t even out of high school yet.

Now as beautiful as the hair is, and as much as I enjoy it… I must warn you, it is NO COPY.  I believe there is a reason for this, however.  This hair scripting system works in a unique way.

– You have the option to purchase 1, 3, or 5 color packs.  Or a full fat pack.

– You get one style, and the hair is scripted with a HUD that shows you ALL the colors available.  You wear the hair, and click the color(s) you want, depending on how many you purchased.

This isn’t a terrible idea.  I love the idea of being able to build your own pack.  Unfortunately, I believe this is where the no copy problem comes in.

But it is lovely, and it certainly didn’t stop me from buying several styles.

One last warning… MAKE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AFTER BUYING YOUR HAIR!   This color choice system is a teeny bit glitchy (you may have to attach and detach and reattach the hair to get it to work right), and if you choose the wrong color… welllll too bad for you!

And yes, there are a handful of male styles.  But I didn’t try them on, so you boys will just have to drag your butts down there yourself.

Happy shopping and I hope you will all give these new members of our community a warm welcome. ❤

All hair from Brooklyn Salon

Pic 1 – Faye and Floe

Pic 2 – Sasha and Carey

Pic 3 – Samantha and Melody I

And then I’m wearing some other stuff but that’s not what this is about.  Go read my other blog if you really wanna know :p

I’ve spoken with Sharifa, and if AFTER you select your colors, you detach the hair and then rez it on the ground, the no copy scripts inside will clear and your hair WILL be copiable. PROBLEM SOLVED!

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