Alright, so I’ve been busting my A$$ on these new releases and I’m so glad I’m in love with the final products or else I’d probably just sit here and rock and cry.  So here we go…

#1 – THE BEAST!!!  This tree is like, *the* tree.  That’s right, I said it.  This magnificent monster that took hours upon hours of my time is a fully customizable, whimsical tree packed with *18* poses inside.  The tree, the rug, the ornaments, and the gift boxes are ALL texture changeable.  I’ve also included 6 transferable boxes to save you some searching for gift boxes this season.  And there are plenty of poses inside for every one of your friends and family.  Oh, and btw… IT’S LIMITED EDITION.  That’s right, I’m stingy and I’m only putting out 100 for sale.  And as a thank you for buying what is my very own Everest… I’ve slipped a $250L gift card inside of it too.  So ya bettah hurry and come get it!

And THEN, I’ve got this fun little stocking prop as well.  It includes 10 single poses and 1 couples pose, and it’s really fun, I’ve been playing on it myself for days and giggle every time lol


AND… I made a whole new batch of Gacha items just for the holidays too!  Santa’s gettin a little bit ummmm… naughty… but he’s still nice and sweet too!  Come by and see what you get!


And for a limited time, my classic Snow Smash set is on sale for just $69L too


So come on down and get your holiday sets!

Taxi to Exposeur

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