Bundle of Fluff!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m kinda excited about my new release cuz it’s all adorable and stuff.  YES I AM PATTING MY OWN BACK!!  Ok, but for serious… this is my first animated piece that I’ve got in the store so let me be all giddy about it 😀

So it’s a bundle of 5 pillows with shadows and 5 animations (one for each pillow).  AND, each pillow is texture change with 6 different colored textures in each one.  There’s a copy version and a transfer version, your choice.  It’s great for a living room or hang out area for you and your friends, and the texture change ability will let it match with your own home decor.

Ew, I sound like an infomercial.  Enough of that!  Oh  yeah, I also have some new full perms animations at the store too for furniture makers.

So come on dowwwwwwn!

Exposeur Main Store

Special thanks to these people for posing in the ad:

Gabe Bookmite, Shamrawk Bailey, Myndi Meredith, and Angell Rae

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