The Anatomy of Grey

Alright, so I don’t really consider myself a blogger, and every blogger challenge I see I generally pass up because it usually involves some level of daily commitment. And quite frankly, THAT IS TOO MUCH EFFORT! But, Luna Jubilee issued a challenge I may be able to keep up with. I mean, I won’t put money on it or anything, because I’m as flaky as a croissant, but we’ll give it a go. This challenge is all about color, and it only involves me having to blog ONCE A WEEK. That’s sounds almost doable. So this week is grey. Or gray. Spellcheck tells me grey is wrong, but I prefer it with an e, so spellcheck is going to have to deal with it.

And with that, here is my monochromatic look of the week.

Hair – Elikatira – Vivid – White 02

Skin – Dutch Touch – Jolie – Cream – Dew

Makeup – MIASNOW Makeup – BLACK LINER, Smokey

Sweater – *FIR & MNA* Addison Cardigan Grey Womens

Top – elymode – Leafy Tank – Grey

Shorts – [Pink] Trouser Shorts – Smoke Gray

Socks – MG Fashion – Hunting Season – Charcoal

Shoes – (Shiny Things) Delphine pumps – black

Poses by Exposeur

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