Why It’s True Love…

There’s going to be an endless amount of blogs hitting the feeds showing off the new Elikatira hair from Elikapika Tiramisu, because every girl in SL cannot WAIT to get her hands on it.  The question is, why?  Why this creator, why this hair?  I mean obviously, it’s beautiful… take a look…

Left: Rumor in Red 10; Right: Fresh in Red 10

I could blog all the colors, but no doubt you will see them in abundance, if you haven’t already bought them yourself anyway.

The truth is, that there is more than just new hair involved here.  Yes, it’s gorgeous of course.  The textures are flawless, the prims are well crafted, the style is flattering for many face shapes… ALL good.  But what is it about a release from Elika that makes every girl go SQUEEEEEEE… even the most cool, calm, and collected of us?  Well, I know my reasons, and I suspect just maybe they are yours too.

Like most girls who love their hair, I own mass amounts of it.  Including dozens of styles from ETD, the former mega store of wondrous hairstyle creations from Elika.  And unlike many other creator’s hair that has cluttered my inventory over the years, I have refused to even consider deleting this collection.  ETD hair is classic.  It was before it’s time and an important part of SL fashion history.  And I see it as an important part of my own history.

You see, ETD was there with me when I had my own public beach, spending hours with my dear friend Jack as he guided me through many moments of heartache.

ETD was there with me as I fell madly, passionately, and ridiculously in love with the only man in SL who ever truly captured my heart.

ETD was there with me when I thought I’d fancy myself as a “photographer” (don’t laugh).

ETD was there with me at the start of my modeling career. (Again, don’t laugh.)

And ETD was there with me when Ely took her very first photo of me.  The “I’m sorry men are such assholes” photo that led to us becoming as close as we are. (Photo by Elysium Eilde)

Elika’s creations were written into many moments in the chapters of my Second Life (there are MANY photos I didn’t post), and maybe it’s just prims and pixels to many, but to me, they are memories.  I remember being in love with my favorite styles, wearing them over and over again and not wanting to change.  I remember going back again and again to buy as much ETD hair as my budget allowed.  So why wouldn’t we all be thrilled to see that the girl who gave us so much pleasure with her creations has returned to give us more?

I have many fond memories with Elika’s hair… and I look forward to making many more memories with them in the moments that follow, as she continues to thrill us with what is bound to be a spectacular collection.

Thank you Elika, for the hair… and the moments it saw me through.

New Hairstyles from Elikatira (Fresh and Rumor) can be found on on the SL Marketplace…. HERE

All other styles shown have been retired and are no longer available.

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