ProPosers Hunt Time!!

Alright, so I’m very honored and excited to be part of this year’s ProPosers Hunt and I wanted to make sure I put out something a little special.  So, here we have it:

So as you can see, the second picture is an EXCLUSIVE couples pose just for this hunt.  I’m never gonna sell it at the store or give it out or anything again.  Probably just delete it.  So you better go get it.

And I don’t really like making things simple for hunters, but I don’t like being a complete douche either and putting it 4000 m in the air after taking a teleport that you gain access to after answering a riddle from a caterpillar with a hookah, where once you access this location in the sky you must then tap dance your way through a dark tunnel until you reach Narnia, and Jesu… um, I mean Aslan the talking lion… bestows upon you a key in which you can then open the gates to the castle beyond, fight the dragon and then grab your poses.  Yeah, I didn’t do that.  But we’re supposed to give out a hint, so I figure if I’m giving out a hint then I shouldn’t just place my item right at the front door, right?  So here’s my deep and meaningful poetry to guide you:

“Red are the roses,
And red is for love,
‘Tempting’ are these poses,
With your gift up above.”

Oh, there is one catch. You gotta join the ProPosers group to be able to get the gifts.  Eh, no big deal, not like it costs anything. The group is called PRO POSERS and you can find it in my profile to join if you don’t wanna use search.

That is all and happy hunting 😀


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