In Need Of A Little Help…

For the next several days ALL fat packs and couples poses @ Exposeur will be marked down to just $100L, including two brand new packs just released.

Noir Boxes and the Blood Lust set is marked down 50% off as well.

You can also get the same specials on XStreet:

New Releases:

Both sets have been sent to the Exposeur Pose-A-Day group as a gift.


While it is extremely humbling and difficult for me to do this, I’m holding this sale because I desperately need some help.  My favorite aunt, who is like a second mother to me, is currently in a coma.  Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do at this point to hope for her to pull through.  She has been fighting cancer for the last 3 years, and while she was only given 1 year to live, she managed to fight on for an extra 2 years, for which I am extremely grateful.

At this point it is inevitable that she is seeing her last days.  This is where I need help.

I live in Arizona, and my aunt and the rest of my family lives in New York.  I cannot book a ticket until she passes as we don’t know if she will last a day or a month, and as much as I wish I could fly out there and stay through the whole ordeal, I’m limited on how long I can spend in New York.  Which means I will need to book a last minute flight to get to the funeral when it does happen.

I hate the idea of exploiting her passing, but I need help getting there as well as taking care of my responsibilities at home.  My father has said he will help me with a plane ticket, however his financial situation is not good, and a last minute $700-$800 flight will put some stress on him.  In addition to that, I sadly don’t have anyone in RL to depend on to watch my cats while I’m away.  My dad is allergic, and merely entering my house sends it into overdrive.  So I will have to hire a pet sitter to come by each day while I’m away.

That and just incidentals of traveling is going to be extremely difficult for me.

I would never ask for a handout from anyone, but I’m hoping that you will be able to help by taking advantage of this sale, and please pass the word along to your friends as well.

It’s very difficult for me to swallow my pride to do this and ask for help, but I’m in such a difficult spot.  While she hasn’t passed yet it is inevitable at this point and I need to plan and do all I can to alleviate the financial burden off of my financially strapped father and get my cats taken care of.

I appreciate any help you can offer by coming to the sale and spreading the word along as much as you can.  Thank you for reading this and thank you in advance for your help.

With Love,

3 thoughts on “In Need Of A Little Help…

  1. Naturally I’m glad to do what I can, and am always stalking down new poses, but something else that might help?

    Several Airlines (Delta I know does this) have what’s called a “Bereavement” rate. Which is a pretty decent discount. Since the close fo a loved one’s life is not exactly a planned event, you can’t adjust your booking a ticket in tune with the best prices.

    You’ll have to do it by phone, and talk to them. But they’re very nice and talk you through the process.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

    • Very sorry to read this, can you not ask some friends to look after the cats? always saves some money. I’ll pass this on to friends goodluck and my prayers are with you.

  2. Ruby, I love your poses and have passed your sale on to my friends. I’m echoing Syngen and Lolita. I do know airlines that will give you a good discount in times like these. And rely on your friends or some community agency to look after your cats.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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