Exposeur Lolli Lolli Hunt

Exposeur Lolli Lolli Hunt!
June 26th 3PM SLT – June 27th 3PM SLT

I put together a small little hunt for Exposeur including my satellite stores and some of my favorite creators.

And we made it easy!

1) Tp to any location (you don’t have a follow any order!)
2) Find the lollipop and buy it for $0L (I didn’t make this so hard either)
3) Check the vendor where you found the lollipop, it’s marked down to just $50L! Make sure you grab it!
4) Move on to the next location of your choice

A lollipop with 2 free poses inside (one male and one female) is placed at each location as well as one great item marked down to just $50L from myself or one of the participating creators. Free poses and great deals? YES, PLEASE!! 😀

Once you’ve found all the lollipops and grabbed all your $50L specials, make sure you open up the lollipops when you get home… inside one of them you’ll find a special landmark to take you to one more gift 😉

Happy hunting and I hope you love all the stuff we put out for you!

Start out here:

Exposeur Main

Or Here:


Or Here:


Or Here:


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